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Waterford, Virginia Real Estate & Homes for Sale

  • Cul De Sac
    40824 CLIFORD COURT, Waterford Cul De Sac
    Waterford, VA
    MLS# 1000287848

    Waterford Ridge
    4 Bd, 5.50 Ba, 9,763 sf
    Cul De Sac Homes
    Colonial, Detached - Waterford, Va
  • Custom Built
    14987 THICKET COURT, Waterford Custom Built
    Waterford, VA
    MLS# 1000260016

    Waterford Heights
    4 Bd, 3.50 Ba, 3,758 sf
    Custom Built Homes
    Colonial, Detached - Waterford, Va
  • Spa
    14857 WRIGHTS LANE, Waterford Spa
    Waterford, VA
    MLS# 1000269744

    Virts Division
    4 Bd, 2.50 Ba, 2,320 sf
    Spa Homes
    Colonial, Detached - Waterford, Va
  • Basement
    40194 MAIN STREET, Waterford Basement
    Waterford, VA
    MLS# 1000230386

    Town Of Waterford
    5 Bd, 3.50 Ba, 3,100 sf
    Basement Homes
    Colonial, Detached - Waterford, Va

Waterford, Virginia
Average Home Sizes and Asking Prices

Updated On: April 27, 2018
Zipcode Single Family Home Townhome or Condo
4 BR 3 BR #Lst 3 BR 2 BR #Lst
20158 900 sf $743,000 500 sf $486,000 46

Asking Price in 20158 - 3 Bedroom Single Family Homes
20158 real estate listing price trend

20158 sold real estate price trend

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Located in Loudoun County along the Catocin Creek and in the Catocin Valley is the unincorporated community of Waterford, Virginia. Residents of Waterford are less than 10 miles northwest from the city of Leesburg and about 50 miles northwest from our nation's capital, Washington, DC.

Waterford was founded about 1733 by Amos Janney, a Pennsylvania Quaker. Many buildings still in use in the village were built before 1840. The town is primarily residential with a smattering of small businesses located throughout the village and historic district. In fact, the Waterford Historic District is also a National Historic Landmark and in 1969, the district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The real estate market in Waterford consists of single-family homes in sprawling areas that offer wooded lots and generous acres of land. Prices for homes generally start under $400,000.

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Price Range of Waterford, Hamilton & Lovettsville, VA Houses

Waterford's real estate market is composed mostly of single-family homes that boast panoramic views of the county and the Catocin Creek. Many houses feature sweeping porches, are made of brick, and are situated on generous acres of land. Interested buyers looking to call Waterford home should expect housing prices to range anywhere between $385,000 and $2 million with average listing prices running at just under $800,000. Empty land parcels are also available for purchase for those who are looking to custom build their dream home with prices starting at $150,000 for a 3 acre wooded lot.

Waterford Real Estate Stats and Trends for the week of March 26th, 2018: homes priced around $485,800 compared to $492,333 the previous week, showing a decrease of less than -1%.  For Thursday, March 29th, the current national mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.25%; the 15 year fixed rate is at 3.66%. For a loan larger than conventional conforming loans, or 'jumbo' loan, the 30 year rate is 4.40%, while the 15 year jumbo rate currently is at 4.12%.